BCFabricare Association

Garment Analysis

DLI’s International Textile Analysis Laboratory (ITAL) is the recognized authority on how and why an item performed or failed to perform.

This member service:

  • Assist customers when returning a damaged garment to the retailer or manufacturer.
  • Pinpoint problems with a garment.
  • Keep the problem from happening again by educating your staff.
  • Receive timely answers with quick turnaround.

Stay ahead of your competition by the DLI Garment Analysis App!

App Simplifies, Streamlines, and Speeds Up Garment Analysis Process

  • No Boxes
  • No Waiting
  • No postage
  • No package insurance

Get an official Garment Analysis report right on your mobile device!

DLI's Garment Analysis App enables you to skip the time and expense of sending garments to DLI’s International Textile Garment Analysis Laboratory for analysis. Our experts examine photos you send with some basic information. With this information and imagery, DLI experts can identify most garment problems.

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