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May 2017 Open House & Solvent Demo!

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​October 15, 2017 Seminar & Demo 

Seminars are open to all members - FREE of charge!

Jemal Gunaydin hosted an open house at his new Surrey warehouse on May 13th, co-sponsored   by the BC Fabricare association.

The open house featured a live demonstration for the new solvent from Seitz, called “INTENSE”.   The Solvent is similar to most other hydro carbon solvents; however it has a much higher cleaning factor, similar to K4, which is somewhat the closest alternative to PERC.

 If you are in fact looking in the direction of a new machine, then you certainly want to check out this solvent.   As the industry is facing a situation where suppliers are not carrying all products, you will want to make sure that you always check if your supplier in fact is a member of the association before you order!   If the supplier is supporting the industry, then they deserve your business.  If not, don’t be surprised if one day if you have to order from the United States and pay premium prices.  


Jemal, the “Dry-clean machine doctor” also deals with most types of dry-cleaning waste.  Keep in mind that if you are using any kind of solvent, waste needs to be properly disposed of.  If you have any questions make sure to call Jemal at 778-928-6321

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A Special Thank You to ​Zack Davis & ​Coldstream Commercial for hosting the Seminar and to ​Dan Goldman for presenting!

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