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Dry Cleaning 101 and Spotting Seminar ~ Open House at Carousel Cleaners

May 13th & 14th Solvent Demonstration!

Seminars are open to all members - FREE of charge!

Thank you to everyone for attending the solvent demonstration on May 13th and 14th at Jemal’s new warehouse in Surrey.  It was a very successful event with over 35 plants in attendance!

 We hope you enjoyed the BCFabricare Association co- sponsored event and trust it was valuable to you and your business.

As directors, we are constantly working on finding opportunities for our members to educated themselves as well as have the opportunity to socialize with fellow cleaners.

If you have any feedback, including requests for specific seminars, please contact us any time:

Via email - info@bcfab.org

Check back for photos from the event, coming soon!

Check the website regularly for updates or email us for further information info@bcfab.org

February 16, 2014 Seminar with
Shelley Lecerf from Focal Point Coaching  

Shelley spoke about how to grow your business & techniques to help you identify and sell to all customer types!