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Maintenance, Minor Repairs, Parts Keep Laundry Turning
When OPLs have parts, staff on hand to make small repairs, downtime, danger can possibly be avoided

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The BC Fabricare  Association, along with Seneca College is PROUD to present:  How to achieve your BEST dry cleaning practices. 

Cheo Cruz January 22, 2019

DALLAS — In the on-premises laundry world, downtime isn’t an option. No matter if it is a hotel, long-term care facility or athletic club, the laundry doesn’t stop. When a machine in the laundry goes down, it’s not just a problem; it’s a major issue. 

Just think about the soft, fluffy towels and robes that spas rely on. When the laundry fails to make its daily throughput because of equipment issues, those fresh robes stop making it into rooms and service grinds to a halt.

While distributors like us do all we can to get facilities up and running as quickly as possible, we all know that small delays can back up production. This is why having some spare parts on hand and staff that’s able to make small repairs is so important.

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