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Your Annual Report for Dry Cleaners to Environment and Climate Change Canada by April 30, 2020. If you operated more than one dry cleaning facility in 2019, you will need to submit a separate report for each facility.

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Environmental Emergency Regulations 2019
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These guidelines are designed to aid operators with understanding the various procedures needed to properly decommission a drycleaning machine.  These tips are an aid to avoid any long term mechanical and/or solvent issues and to support the operational viability of your machine(s) not running for longer than one (1) week. 

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• Environmental Emergency Regulations (E2 Regulations) & Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (CEPA 1999)

• Application of the E2 Regulations, 2019

• When is a facility regulated?

• E2 Regulations, 2019 – Major changes

• Definitions – new or changed

• Addition of Substances

• Exclusions: Substance & Quantities

• Exercising an E2 Plan

• Administrative Requirements

• Environmental Emergency Reporting

• Additional requirements

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We are an association of Professional Dry Cleaners and Allied Trades in the province of British Columbia

Drycleaning Machine Decommissioning Checklist

As you may be aware, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s new Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2019 (the Regulations) came into force on August 24, 2019, replacing the previous version of the Environmental Emergency (E2) Regulations (2011). This email is to inform you that the 2nd version of the Technical Guidelines for these Regulations are available on the Environment and Climate Change Canada website, as of December 30, 2020. 

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