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Our Condolences To The Family & Friends of Jim Fisher


We are sad to announce that we have lost a dear friend and valued colleague.  Jim Fisher passed away on Saturday June 6th, 2015 at the Vancouver General Hospital.  Jim was a well respected member of the dry cleaning community as well as a dedicated father, husband and friend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim’s family at this difficult time.

DLI Members Keeping 35 Million Hangers Out of Landfills

Goal Met, Media Alerted in Time for Earth Day 2015

Many consumers have a pile of steel hangers in their homes from the drycleaners. All too often, these hangers can end up in the trash. Just before Earth Day 2015, 357 professional drycleaners, all members of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), pledged to reduce wire hanger waste by 35 million hangers, or 1,050 tons of steel, the same amount of waste saved from landfills last year.

Raising the Bar

The DLI Cleaners Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling Program began in 2012, when drycleaners helped reduce steel hanger waste by 25 million hangers or 750 tons of steel. In 2013 the number grew to 30 million hangers or 900 tons of steel. In 2014 it was 35 million, 1050 tons of steel. This goal was repeated in 2015. By recycling hangers drycleaners prevent waste and save money. 

"This program is designed to help the environment, customers, and cleaners," said DLI CEO Mary Scalco. "Our first year with this program was remarkably successful and we have enjoyed the enthusiasm from participants as we progress to loftier goals. We'd like to see that number continue to grow as awareness of the program spreads."

"We know that many drycleaners already recycle hangers. It just makes good sense to do so," said Jon Meijer, DLI Membership Director. "Now we're asking cleaners to track the number of hangers they reuse or recycle and report it as part of this program. By working together and tracking our results we can monitor the program's contribution to a greener planet."

Cleaners participating in the program pledge to reuse hangers whenever possible and recycle unusable hangers with local steel scrapyards. The Institute provides in-store materials cleaners can use to raise awareness of the program, which often results in more hangers coming into their stores. Participants track the hangers by estimated count and report their recycling numbers to the Institute for inclusion in the program's grand total.

Get Involved

The program is open to DLI member cleaners only. DLI member cleaners can sign up in the members only section of DLIonline.org or by contacting Fran Johnson at DLI for more information, 800-638-2627. Log into the Members Only and choose the fourth link (DLI Cleaners Care) and complete the form to register and get your program materials. You'll need your Member Number, which can be found on the cover of any Fabricare magazine.
Please note that your hanger pledge count is required to complete the form.

Please provide your best "guesstimate." This article by Dave Beatty can help you guesstimate your hanger number. Make your hanger pledge online and your materials will be sent to you automatically.

Talking Points - Hanger Recycling

Participating Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) member cleaners will work together with consumers across the U.S., to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills. DLI cleaners can register online at DLIcleanerscare.org or by calling DLI to register and share their estimated pledge. Consumers can help by bringing all unneeded hangers to a participating DLI Cleaners Care drycleaner for recycling. Consumers can check online for the nearest participating cleaners at
http://www.DLI online.org/Participating-Dry-Cleaners.

Although other cleaners may recycle hangers, only DLI Participating Members listed on our website count toward the 35 million goal. 

DLI Cleaners Care cleaners pledged to do their part in recycling 35 million hangers in 2014, keeping 1,050 tons of hangers from the nations already-stressed landfills. Participants will reuse any hangers in like-new condition and commit to recycle the rest with a local steel recycler whenever possible. Participating cleaners will ask their customers and their communities to bring unneeded hangers to their businesses for reuse or recycling. DLI will support the program with local press releases and posters participants can display in their stores. Regional and national press releases will be made available to promote the project. DLI CEO Mary Scalco will be available for interviews or guest appearances to help promote the project.

Consumers can help raise awareness of this project by telling their friends and family who care about the environment about this project.

The program began in 2012, increasing and meeting goals each year. The more participating cleaners and consumers, the faster the group achieves the goal. When this goal is met the program will continue with a new goal.

The DLI Cleaners Care-Hanger Recycling is a program available to DLI members only.
Members may sign up in the Members Only Section of DLIonline.org. 

All participating DLI member cleaners will be listed on DLI's website. North American media outlets have been sent a news release with links to this page. Posters and other materials are sent automatically by e-mail after a new participant registers. Registration is absolutely free. In order to keep the cost free, DLI is providing the materials in digital form only. Participants may professionally print the materials at their local copy center and are encouraged to print in whatever size they wish for in-store display. 

Participants are encouraged to make mention of the program in advertising and correspondence with customers to let them know what they are doing to recycle and help the environment.

Participating cleaners are also encouraged to work with groups such as scouts, schools, or religious institutions in their areas. Every little bit helps and partnering with groups spreads awareness about the participating cleaners effort, thus accelerating the achievement of the goal. 

This program is designed to help customers and cleaners who care about the environment and the future as much as they care about clean clothes and looking great. The program also demonstrates partnership and unity among DLI members, their customers, the Institute, and State Affiliate Associations. Working together drycleaners can make a profound difference in our industry's waste reduction.

DLI members and their customers want to do their part to keep 1,050 more tons of steel out of landfills and save money that they can reinvest back into their business with new, environmentally-friendly procedures and equipment. 

DLI's support on the local level will help promote the program and the individual businesses participating in the program. The program aims to share positive media reports about public works programs.


This program is a great way for cleaners and consumers to work together to reach a worthy goal. Get involved and help make it happen. If you know of anyone who can help get the word out, please let them know about this hanger recycling project that is a winner for everyone involved.


Participating Cleaners:
Program Information: http://www.dlionline.org/DLI-Cleaners-Care
DLI Member Signup Page: http://www.dlionline.org/Hangers

From the DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling Committee, many thanks for helping this program succeed:

David Beatty, Murrysville Cleaners
Allan Johnson, Peerless Cleaners
Peter Blake, NEFA
Leland Waite, Waite's Clenaers
Bill Cassassa, Marin Cleaners
Mike McKernan, NuTrend Drycleaners
Fran Johnson, DLI Membership Coordinator
Harry Kimmel, DLI Communications Director
Mary Scalco, DLI Chief Executive Officer

Please contact Fran Johnson, Harry Kimmel, or Mary Scalco at 800-638-2627 anytime to discuss the program.

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DLI Released a New App at Clean 2015

This new iOS app (Android version coming this fall) offers a stain removal solutions tool and TABS library for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is free to all U.S. DLI Silver, Gold, and Premiere and International members but not available to anyone else.

Download it free and unlock it with your DLI Silver Member number. DLI plans to offer continual updates to the app so it will grow in breadth of functionality and information. Moving forward, DLI plans to add more stain solutions and new bulletin libraries. If you are not a DLI Silver, Gold or Premiere member, join or upgrade today at


Drycleaners could face jail time for violating environmental regulations

Lester's Dry Cleaning, North Vancouver  |  North Shore News file Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:55am PST

A provincial court judge asked a lawyer to tell him why he shouldn't send a North Vancouver drycleaning company owner to jail after the company pleaded guilty to violating environmental regulations in a way that allowed a toxic chemical to evaporate into the air.

"He endangered the health of every customer that walked into the store," Judge Steven Merrick told lawyers at a sentencing hearing for Lester's Dry Cleaning, represented by sole director and officer Alhamid Dharshi. "Why shouldn't I send him to jail?"

The questions came after Lester's pleaded guilty to keeping the dry-cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene, known as "PERC," without a closed lid and without a secondary containment system, as required by regulations.

The company was charged after environmental protection officers conducted an inspection on June 21 last year and found two buckets - one containing green liquid and another containing solid material -sitting on the floor. "There were no lids on either of the buckets," said Crown counsel Perbeen Mann.  Read more




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